All roads LEAD to Rome…

Having spent a challenging time in this beautiful city last week, finalizing part 1 of the Leadership Academy at one of the most tech-savvy startups in Europe.

A group of engaged and open to changes senior leaders had been working together on their business and leadership transformation. Team-leader relation on top of the agenda. Happy to share 3 of the leadership guidelines that came out as applicable in every company. They seem simple and obvious but somehow VERY DIFFICULT to apply.

If you hear your team gossiping negatively about another employee – REACT. If you as a leader are a source of the gossip – STOP. Nothing destroys morale and culture more than a leader speaking negatively about another person in a company. No exceptions here.

Say NO to the office gossips that can ruin someone’s good name and reputation. Loss of productivity, wasted time, along with decreased motivation, increased staff turnover – these are only a few examples of potential consequences to your business! What to do instead?

Tip: Promote and follow the THINK rule. Ask yourself: is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind?

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