Let's celebrate today's Introvert Day!

January 2nd is an international Introvert Day. Let’s spread the word!
It is an opportunity for people worldwide to better understand and appreciate introversion.

The first World ID was held in 2011, started when psychologist Felicitas Heyne published her post calling for a special day to celebrate the ‘quiet ones’.

Let’s face it – introverts are often misunderstood. As we live in the extravert world, introversion is perceived as inferior to extraversion. It shouldn’t be that way – people who prefer introversion just focus their attention, differently.
The truth is – we are all partially extraverts and introverts. We use both preferences to draw energy from the world.

At Leadership Lab we use MBTI assessments to help people better understand the power of both hands (E vs I). Contact us to find out more.

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