What do Ray Dalio, Ken Blanchard & Patrick Lencioni have in common?

Apart from the great, easy-to-use and implement leadership models – they are all known for using and strongly recommending MBTI assessment as a reliable development tool!

“Find out what you and others are like. Because of the biases with which we are wired, our self-assessments tend to be highly inaccurate. One of the four main tools we are using is the MBTI (…). It is important in helping explore how people think during the hiring process or throughout employment.”

– Ray Dalio | Principles, p. 225-226

The MBTI personality instrument has been used for more than 60 years to help individuals better understand themselves.

This assessment is a critical part of making Lencioni’s model successful. Lencioni mentions the possibility of using other instruments but states that the instrument with the highest reliability and validity is the MBTI.

The quality and reputation of a tool are of absolute importance, especially for teams that have been in a cycle of dysfunction. If the first step of the model is performed with an ineffective instrument, the whole process will collapse.

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