Dear leader, it all starts with you…

The leadership development process is like a house building and it all starts in the mind. To lead effectively we must understand what is going on inside of us so that we can lead ourselves.

So, it all starts with a leader’s self-awareness, not a business strategy. When building a house – you can’t start from a roof. Foundations first. During such difficult times as those today, future-ready and solid leadership is priceless.

Circle based on ‘The Mind of the Leader’ book, R. Hougaard, J. Carter

As the authors of a great book “The Mind of the Leader” emphasize, it is a moment to join the global movement of making corporations more people-centric to achieve even better results, especially in times when the world is facing a global leadership crisis. According to the book:

77% of leaders think they do a good job of engaging their people, yet 88% of employees say their leaders don’t engage enough.

There is also a high level of suffering in the workplace: 35% of employees would forgo a pay raise to see their leaders fired.

On top of that – $46 billion is spent each year on leadership development (sic!).

Based on extensive research, including assessments of more than 35,000 leaders and interviews with 250 C-level executives, The Mind of the Leader concludes that organizations and leaders aren’t meeting employees’ basic human needs of finding meaning, purpose, connection, and genuine happiness in their work.

It is the right moment to work together on improving those numbers. We are here to help.