Inclusive leadership

According to the latest Korn Ferry research (you can download the full report here), inclusive leadership is not only about diversity and inclusion. As well as innovative, out-of-the-box thinking is unlikely to come from homogeneous groups. Diverse teams can only succeed if they are managed by skilled inclusive leaders.

The only way to succeed and achieve great results, especially in times of accelerated digital transformation, is to unleash the power of WeQ (more on this topic here) that demands to create a collaborative, agile, and diverse culture.

Below are the traits and competencies that define a new kind of inclusive leadership (2020 and beyond).

The good news is that both traits and competencies can be developed over time, though traits might be more difficult to grow in, as they are basically hardwired (based on an individual’s personality).

On top of that, inclusive culture requires both: leadership commitment and a strategy. Chief D&I Officer at the board level is a good step to start working on above.

At Leadership Lab we support companies/teams in both: I&D strategy and inclusive leadership development. Contact us for more details.