Head of Hoopla?

Head of Hoopla, VP of No, Professional Rebel, Orchestral Manager, AI Mentors

No, these are not new heroes in action by Mattel. 🙂

According to the Future of the Workplace 2030+ report by Unily and Kjaer Global, these are only a few examples of new roles we should be prepared for, showing where the focus and priorities will be. 

But the findings of the report go further, through the pillars of emotional, physical, and purpose-driven dimensions. Neurodiversity, trust, and well-being will be defining workplace cultures. Flexibility, imagination, and creativity will become a new highly required currency.

Grab a tea/coffee and book yourself those 15 minutes to read this inspiring material for a good start to the day.

Link to the full report, here.

“The future is not somewhere we go, we create the future”

– Kjaer Global

All visuals: Unily