Timeless classics

Personal thus subjective pick of timeless classics for a good start of the year. Each of the books has a special place on the bookshelf.  * ‘The man who mistook his wife for a hat’ – for the first time read more than 20 years ago, boosting interest in psychology and brain functioning. Oliver Sacks being […]

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Inclusive leadership

According to the latest Korn Ferry research (you can download the full report here), inclusive leadership is not only about diversity and inclusion. As well as innovative, out-of-the-box thinking is unlikely to come from homogeneous groups. Diverse teams can only succeed if they are managed by skilled inclusive leaders. The only way to succeed and […]

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From EQ to WeQ

From IQ and EQ to We-Q… are your teams and leaders ready? A new intelligence gains in importance and it’s called Collaborative Intelligence (We-Q). It simply shows how intelligent mentally, emotionally and socially as a collective we are – a crucial skill in the digital age. Accenture Research found that over the last 7 years, […]

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