Timeless classics

Personal thus subjective pick of timeless classics for a good start of the year. Each of the books has a special place on the bookshelf.  * ‘The man who mistook his wife for a hat’ – for the first time read more than 20 years ago, boosting interest in psychology and brain functioning. Oliver Sacks being […]

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Impostor Syndrome

Imagine accomplishing an amazing achievement through a great deal of effort and hard work, yet feeling like you don’t deserve the great accolade. Sounds familiar? Have you ever heard about Impostor/Fraud Syndrome (Syndrom Oszusta)? In 1978, two psychologists, Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes, first identified that term and described it as ‘internal experience […]

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Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Culture (GMC) is key to digital transformation, building engagement, inclusion and innovation! The term was first used by psychologist Carol S. Dweck, in her great book that in 2007 inspired Satya Nadella (Microsoft’s CEO) to change the way of thinking about the company’s business, people and culture development. It is thanks to them […]

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