It’s here! Global, confidence, and awareness-boosting #IamRemarkable workshop powered by Google now available at Leadership Lab.

Completely free of charge, this training helps people change the way they talk and think about their own successes and removes the barriers that keep them from championing. Note: this workshop is available for anyone, regardless if you want to improve your own self-promotion skills, or want to learn more about it to understand others better.

At the heart of #IamRemarkable lies a 2-hour workshop that empowers individuals to speak openly about one’s accomplishments in the workplace and beyond, promotes inclusion, breaks modesty norms, and shares personal experience on being held back by the broken rung.

During this interactive session, participants practice and learn how to develop the confidence and skills to promote themselves, effectively. They also discover how brain patterns such as imposter syndrome or unconscious biases may impact a career.

This workshop is not intended to undo centuries of bias and discrimination but rather focuses on one small, but important, action that each of us can take today (and model for others). Simply, this is a workshop you can’t miss.


  • Address our own biases against underrepresented groups and women who vocally express their achievements
  • Identify the challenges around “bragging”
  • Increase levels of confidence and self-worth
  • Identify and utilize power sources for effective self-promotion
  • Uncover and utilize the potential of group sharing


  • Empower women and underrepresented groups to overcome cultural, social
    and gender related issues by giving them the tools to sharpen their self-promotion skills
  • Change social norms amongst women and men by promoting this workshops amongst your colleagues, clients and others

Interested? Would you like to organize this online workshop in your company or for family & friends? Send a note to Minimum number of participants – 5 persons.