Our mission is to advise mature organizations as well as early startups in developing the next generation of leaders and helping them create a culture of equality and trust – by offering guidance on driving digital transformation and boosting team effectiveness. 

Adaptive, people-centered, and self-aware managers are the future of leadership. And when managers grow – teams flourish!

Like in a real laboratory, we encourage leaders and their teams not to be afraid to experiment. Equipped with the best tools and strategies, with increased self-awareness and knowledge about themselves, they are ready to conquer the world!

Our programs combine theory with practice. They are set around the brain-based leadership development approach, with neurobiology, unconscious biasemotional intelligence, and MBTI assessments at its core.

The last several decades have produced record low levels of trust and engagement in the workforce, thus clearly what we’ve been doing isn’t working, anymore. The way we work and communicate changes. A new kind of leadership is needed, desperately.

Let’s enter this exciting chapter, together.

Anna Stryja – Founder